Artem Zhmurov, PhD

Research Software Engineer Domain Expert in Life Sciences

Artem started his academic career with mathematical modeling of biological and physiological systems but later switched to computational biochemistry. After his PhD, Artem accepted a position of an associate professor (docent) at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia, where he ran a Laboratory of Computational and Mathematical Modelling of Biological Systems. During this time, Artem has gained a lot of experience in developing in-house software for molecular simulations on GPUs, so it was a natural step for him to join the GROMACS development team in 2018. There, his main objective is to port the package to GPU accelerators and to build an abstraction layer that allows GROMACS to utilize different hardware architectures efficiently. Artem has PhD in biochemistry from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell (USA) and PhD in applied mathematics and physics from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Russia). He developed and delivered courses in GPU programming, molecular simulations, and computational mathematics.