Hossein Ehteshami

Research Software Engineer Domain Expert in Material Science and Machine Learning

Hossein obtained his Ph.D. in computational materials physics from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology. He developed different theoretical tools to predict finite temperature properties from DFT and contributed to the KTH in-house code, Exact Muffin-Tin Orbital (EMTO) code. During his first postdoc at KTH, he worked on Non-Perturbative Renormalization Group Analysis of spinodal decomposition in binary alloys. In his second postdoc at the University of Edinburgh, his primary focus moved to model phase transitions in solid and liquid hydrogen at extreme conditions using analytical techniques. The application of ML/DL methods to solve real-world (business or public) problems is another passion of Hossein, who is looking forward to ambitious projects.

He has been using various programming languages (mainly Fortran, MATLAB, Mathematica, and Python) for different purposes.