Perfect Equation Campaign

Highlighting female researchers in various disciplines related to computer science.

In Sweden, we join the ‘Perfect Equation Campaign‘ launched in Finland, to cite several top researchers of their respective fields that use computational methods in their work. The ‘Perfect Equation Campaign’, introduces thirty of them. The aim of this campaign is to highlight female researchers and their fields of study. We hope that their stories are a source of information and inspiration into the fascinating world of science.

Prof. Natalia Skorodumova

KTH – Material Science

KTH – Numerial Analysis

Prof. Anna Delin

KTH – Materials and Nanophysics

Prof. Danica Kragic

KTH – Robotics

Ass Prof. Lucie Delemotte

KTH – Biophysics

Prof. Charlotte Platzer Björkman

UU – solid state electronics

Prof. Elisabeth Larsson

UU – Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations

Prof. Gunilla.Kreiss

UU – Numerical Analysis

Prof. Kristina Edström

UU – Chemistry

Prof. Annica Black-Schaffer

UU – Physics and Astronomy, Materials Theory

Prof. Jenny Persson

UmU – Molecular Biology

Prof. Elisabeth Sauer-Eriksson

UmU – Chemistry

Prof. Anna Linusson Jonsson

UmU – Chemistry

Ass. Prof. Madeleine Ramstedt

UmU – Chemistry

Prof. Elisabeth Sauer-Eriksson

UmU – Chemistry

Prof. Lisbeth Olsson

Chalmers – Industrial Biotechnology

Prof. Simone Sebben

Chalmers – Mechanics and Maritime Sciences

Prof. Nina Kann

Chalmers – Chemistry and Biochemistry

Prof. Gunilla Svensson

SU – Meteorologi

Prof. Margareta Blomberg

SU – Organic Chemistry

Prof. Ilona Riipinen

SU – Environmental Science

Prof. Nina Kann 

Chalmers – Chemistry and Biochemistry

Prof. Marie Skepö, Lund

Theoretical Chemistry

Prof. Sofia Feltzing

Lund – Astronomy, Astrophysics and Cosmology

Prof. Anne l’Huillier

Lund – Atomfysik

Ass Prof. Yvonne Becherini

LNU, – Astroparticle Physicist

Prof. Maria Lerm, LiU

Biomedical and Clinical Sciences (BKV)

Prof. Johanna Rosén

LiU – Materialdesign

Prof. Maria Sunnerhagen

LiU – Chemistry

Ass. Prof. Eva Blomqvist

LiU – AI

Ass Prof. Susanne Schlisio

KI – Biologist

Prof. Beatrix Alsanius

SLU – Biosystem och teknologi