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Python for Scientific Computing

7 Nov 2023 @ 08:50 - 10 Nov 2023 @ 12:00 CET

What does this Python course include?

This is a medium-advanced Python course focusing on tools such as NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib, and Pandas. It is suitable for people who know basic Python and want to know some internals and important libraries for science - basically, how a typical scientist actually uses Python. Read the learner personas to see if the course is right for you.  Prerequisites include basic programming in Python.

This multilateral collaborative workshop is hosted by Aalto Scientific Computing (Aalto University, Finland) in partnership with CodeRefinery. The lesson material can be found at https://scicomp.aalto.fi/training/scip/python-for-scicomp-2023/.


In order to follow this Python course you need some background:

  • Knowing basic Python syntax. We assume that you can do some Python programming, but not much more that that. We don’t cover standard Python programming.
  • Watch or read the command line crash course if you aren’t familiar.
  • You should be able to use a text editor to edit files some.
  • The software installation (basically, anaconda).


The workshop will be streamed on Twitch (https://twitch.tv/coderefinery) and to follow the workshop on your own you will not need to register. However, you can sign up to get emails with practical information about the workshop at: https://scicomp.aalto.fi/training/scip/python-for-scicomp-2023/

Follow up

The ENCCS workshop on High Performance Data Analytics in Python, which goes more in-depth on tools for high-performance and large-scale Python, is a logical follow-up to this workshop. The training material is public and useful also for self-study.

The next HPDA-Python workshop will likely be held in late 2024 – sign up to the ENCCS newsletter or follow us on social media to receive information on when registration opens.