A screen showing the title of the conference. 4th Baltic HPC and Cloud Conference
On April 11-12, Johan Kristiansson and Thor Wikfeldt from ENCCS attended the 4th Baltic HPC […]
Next week ENCCS is taking part in the 4th Baltic HPC and Cloud Conference in […]
Umeå University in the North of Sweden has gained Development Access to the EuroHPC JU […]
ENCCS attended the EuroHPC Summit Week in Antwerp, Belgium 18-21 March 2024. During that week […]
EMTO-CPA is a state-of-the-art approach for investigating the electronic structure and properties of substitutional disordered […]
EuroHPC JU has now a dedicated open call for AI supercomputing access. The EuroHPC JU […]
LUMI is one of the fastest supercomputers in the world. Below you find details on […]
This tutorial is the third part of Martin N. P. Nilsson's "Quantum Computing for Beginners". […]
This article is the continuation of the first part of "Quantum Computing for Beginners" by […]
The Quantum Computing for Beginners tutorial is written by Martin N. P. Nilsson. The tutorial […]
RISE, one of the hosting entities of ENCCS, joins EBRAINS 2.0 project. EBRAINS is an […]
In the sixth iteration of the CASTIEL “Code of the Month", Niclas Jansson from CEEC […]
EC-Earth runs on HPE CRAY
Finally EC-Earth V3 is able to be compiled and run on Dardel HPC system. Dardel […]
RISE LLMs for climate mitigation
The Natural Language Processing (NLP) Group at RISE was awarded 3500 GPU node hours at […]
Are you a startup or SME working with large-scale AI models? Did you know you have the possibility to win €250k and free access to the fastest supercomputers in Europe?
This tutorial is written by Wei Li. This EMTO tutorial is meant for new users […]
Last week (Nov 21-22) ENCCS organised the Industry Days 2023 conference. The focus was supercomputing […]
Neko logo. ACM Gordon Bell Prize
It has been a while since the last European nomination for the precious ACM Gordon […]
ENCCS together with NordIQuEst and WACQT came together to organise the Quantum Autumn School in […]
The LUMI GPU / Nomad CoE Hackathon was hosted on Sept. 4-6 at CSC in […]
Developers often need to optimise their code to improve performance, use resources efficiently, reduce costs […]
On Monday 26 of September 2023, ENCCS visited the National Supercomputer Centre (NSC) at Linköping […]
ENCCS participated in the RISE Computer Science and AI Open House on the 14th of […]
Leonardo supercomputer is one of the fastest supercomputers in the world and one of the […]
This webinar focuses on the newest version, nekRS targeting accelerators. It presents the basic concepts […]
Inno4scale, a European initiative, aims to enhance exascale supercomputers' efficiency by developing innovative algorithms. Many […]
The following article is a transcript of the video tutorial above. So you have decided […]
SMHI is awarded 10.000 GPU node hours on LUMI using the EuroHPC JU Development Call! […]
Wednesday 23 August 2023 from 13.00-16.45KTH main campus, Stockholm The Dardel system is the most powerful […]
Stockholms luft- och bulleranalys (SLB-analys) is a unit at the Environment and Health Administration of […]
Sweden is going to be the host of the new European supercomputer!
Researchers led by Adel Daoud from AI and Global Development Lab were awarded Benchmark Access […]
As part of the EuroCC network of national competence centres, ENCCS is closely following trends […]
🗓️ Wednesday 28.06.23🕚 11:00am CEST🧑‍💻 https://unistuttgart.webex.com/unistuttgart-en/j.php?MTID=m13be7a7a54bdc2c95e040bc4288c4680 [Webex] Whether you’re a developer, engineer or project manager […]
ENCCS has participated in ISC23 in Hamburg, 22-24 May 2023. ISC is a leading conference […]
From March 14-16, ENCCS hosted a hackathon event at the RISE offices on the KTH […]
Are you a researcher/student from academia or the business/industry arena? Do you need to optimise already-existing research program code for high-performance computing (HPC) […]
ENCCS is co-organising a Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF) session "Future of HPC Training: Where Are We Going?" […]
The SciML GPU Bootcamp (https://enccs.se/events/2023-02-sciml-gpu-bootcamp/), co-organised by ENCCS, OpenACC.org, and NVIDIA and held over two […]
This week (20-23 March 2023) ENCCS participated in the EuroHPC Summit held in Gothenburg, Sweden. The […]
Swedish battery manufacturer Nilar AB accessed EuroHPC JU supercomputer Vega and finished their project in […]
The EuroHPC Summit 2023 will take place on 20-23 March 2023 in Gothenburg, Sweden.   The EuroHPC Summit is an […]
The Swedish National Research Infrastructure SciLifeLab (https://www.scilifelab.se) has now launched its lifelong learning initiative, the […]
The workshop ”Targeting chemical accuracy with quantum Monte Carlo on LUMI” was jointly organised by […]
ENCCS gave a workshop at AIDA on October 26, 2022 in two short sessions covering […]
ENCCS closes the first two-year period of the project having helped 43 companies and organisations […]
ENCCS joined forces with AMD and their experts to organise a GPU-focused workshop on November 2022
Patent data can be used as a valuable source of chemical exposure risk [1] and […]
How does one use QUANTUM ESPRESSO, Yambo and BigDFT on a supercomputer? That was the […]
The following report has been composed by Pawel Herman (KTH), Anders Lansner (KTH), Naresh Balaji […]
EuroHPC JU supercomputers LUMI and Leonardo ranked 3rd and 4th fastest supercomputers in the world at the latest top500 list released at SC22.
Nilar AB is a Swedish SME that designs, develops and manufactures batteries for stationary energy […]
ERCO Pharma accesses VEGA supercomputer through the EuroHPC JU Regular Call with the help of […]
On October 10-11 2022, ENCCS organised Industry Days 2022. A large number of participants from […]
The Natioal Library of Sweden (Kungliga Bibliotek, KB) accesses MeluXina supercomputer through the EuroHPC JU […]
Do you need millions of CPU/GPU hours for your industrial or scientific project? EuroHPC JU […]
As ENCCS, we are parties in the FF4EuroHPC experiment grant awarded to Compular AB with the goal of optimizing the CHAMPION software
On August 22-24 we held the first ENCCS Training Material Hackathon
Our newsletter for September 2022 is out! Check it out and subscribe if you haven't […]
The NLU team at AI Sweden has gained access to VEGA to experiment with a Swedish GPT model.
The NLU team at AI Sweden has gained access to VEGA to experiment with a Swedish GPT model.
The 6th of September 2022 marked the day when 33 EuroCC competence centres met face-to-face […]
After a long period of online meetings, the time has come to meet in person […]
With assistance from ENCCS, the Swedish National Archives (Riksarkivet) successfully applied for access to the EuroHPC supercomputer Vega hosted by IZUM in Slovenia
want to give a flavor of Julia's features and capabilities for high-performance computing (HPC) covered in the workshop lesson material by presenting a demonstration on how to benchmark, optimize, parallelize and GPU-port a simple toy problem.
Julia is a free and open-source programming language designed from the ground up to offer high performance while being simple to write.
The EuroHPC Summit Week is an annual event organised since 2016
Compular has successfully applied for access to EuroHPC JU supercomputer Karolina!
The NLU team at AI Sweden has gained access to VEGA to experiment with a Swedish GPT model.
Applying for access to EuroHPC JU supercomputers can be tricky. Which open call should you […]
Associate Professor Biplab Sanyal from the physics department of Uppsala University has gained access to Karolina supercomputer
We are happy to announce a collaboration with the NordIQuEst project
Chalmers researchers will study turbulent bubbly suspensions on the EuroHPC JU system Vega. Gaetano Sardina, […]
CodeRefinery was one of only three projects to enter funding negotiations with the Nordic e-Infrastructure […]
We are pleased to announce that ERCO Pharma AB has successfully applied
RISE NLU Group will train English BERT model using multiple GPUs on the EuroHPC JU system Vega.
Tell us a bit about your background I was born and raised in Luleå and […]
Article by: Philipp Schlatter, Fermin Mallor, Daniele Massaro, Adam Peplinski, Timofey Mukha, Ronith Stanly, KTH […]
Article by Dr. Oscar Agertz, Lund Observatory The goal of the project was to shed […]
Within the collaboration between EuroCC NCC Lithuania and ENCCS, as a mentoring activity partially financed […]
Various methods for sequence-to-sequence modeling have been reported in the previous blog post. While the […]
Tell us a bit about your background Born and raised in the small town of […]
RISE NLU Group will train English BERT model using multiple GPUs on the EuroHPC JU system Vega.
The EuroHPC JU Regular Access calls for applications that will enable progress and innovation in […]
In the project, Icarus aims to focus on development for industrial and commercial applications in the aviation, marine and, automotive industry.
Compular develops cutting-edge analysis tools for molecular dynamics simulations. The awarded project will fund a computational experiment in partnership with Stiftelsen Chalmers Industriteknik, Enerpoly, and ENCCS.
The four days long GPU hackathon organized by ENCCS together with Nvidia and with the […]
Tell us a bit about your background I grew up in a suburb of Reykjavik […]
Swedish HPC users need dedicate software expert support and more compute capacity The ENCCS national […]
Time: Tue 2022-01-25 16.00 - 17.30 Location: Online (link will be sent after registration) Join PDC in […]
Recently ENCCS started a collaboration with the Computational Brain Science Lab at KTH Royal Institute […]
Together with SMHI and NSC, ENCCS is working on porting EC-Earth v4 to Dardel which […]
Analysis of traffic flow at E4S (southbound) using deep learning (DL) methods is the subject […]
Training of Swedish language models while leveraging the capabilities of EuroHPC JU petascale system, Vega […]
Modelling traffic flow on a specific part of the E4S using deep neural networks. The results give a hint at the most appropriate models for such modeling.
The project leverages the power of HPC and first-principles-based calculations to accelerate the development of CALPHAD thermodynamic and kinetic databases that bring the feasibility of alloys-by-design to reality.
ENCCS is expanding its software support work for chemistry to also include OpenMolcas. OpenMolcas is […]
EuroCC has sent its November newsletter to its subscribers with news from the European HPC […]
Has the thought passed your mind to get acquainted with A.I., machine learning or deep […]
GROMACS has long had an extremely useful preprocessor tool that prepares molecular dynamics simulations for […]
With the awarded HPC time on the Vega EuroHPC JU petascale system within EuroHPC JU development call, Vinnova intends to further develop this AI tool for analysis of new types of government agency documents and enhance it with new features.
ENCCS held its first workshop on heterogeneous programming with SYCL on November 8 and 9. […]
Moroxite develops targeted drug delivery strategies for breakthrough therapies. Forcelab provides in silico insight into the drug development pipeline. The access to VEGA will help the companies advance their in silico drug discovery program and accelerate the testing of drug delivery methodologies.
In Nek5000 the coarse grid solver of the pressure preconditioner has been implemented in two […]
On the 5th of October, ENCCS, for the first time, organized the Swedish HPC Business […]
During the last couple of years, there have been a lot of inflated expectations about […]
HPC applications have always had to grapple with running on a wide range of hardware. […]
Recently we performed Nek5000 bencherking tests on several heterogeneous HPC systems, namely Piz Daint at […]
Type of Access: Project Access Opening Date: 09/09/2021 @ 11:36 Closing Date: 02/11/2021 @ 10:00 […]
The 3rd online EuroHPC JU/LUMI Roadshow attracted 60 participants. Representatives from EuroHPC JU and PRACE […]
ESSENSE is now enabled to run on a single GPU using OpenMP directives. Benchmark tests […]
This call for proposals targets highest quality experiments involving innovative, agile SMEs and putting forward […]
The National Library of Sweden has been awarded development access to the Vega EuroHPC JU system for the development of speech-to-text transformation software.
Our own Mark Abraham was featured on an RSE podcast episode to talk about his […]
The PRACE-ICEI Call for Proposals #6 is now out, offering resources from the Fenix Research […]
Cell-free synthetic biology helps to harness the power of nature’s catalysts, enzymes. This gives a unique insight to address many challenges facing the chemical industry in the 21st century, both by accelerating the industry’s transition to sustainability and by innovating solutions for other industries through novel chemical products.
In partnership with ENCCS, Northvolt will investigate the use of classical and reactive molecular dynamics and quantum chemical simulations to devise bottom-up design strategies for improved batteries.
Study of high-pressure hydrogen (H2). The overall aim of the project is to derive a best practice recommendation for transient Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations of H2 high pressurized tanks.
LUMI, one of the EuroHPC pre-exascale supercomputers, is located at CSC’s data center in Kajaani, […]
Nine Swedish applications for compute resources to European HPC systems have been successfully accepted through […]
ENCCS is collaborating with the eminent CodeRefinery project, the partly NeIC-funded, partly community-driven project which […]
The Call for Proposals for EuroHPC JU Benchmark and Development Access Modes are continuously open […]
(Deadline by May 5th, 2021) CSC is looking for a technical specialist to lead the […]
Recently a PRACE preparatory access application on the newly installed JUWELS Booster system at Jülich […]
EuroCC has sent its first newsletter to its subscribers with news from the European HPC […]
The Prace Type-C project “Towards prototypical Rayleigh number in molten pool convection" by Docent Walter […]
The online 2nd LUMI Roadshow attracted 55 participants and was built upon the 1st LUMI […]
Development of Swedish language speech-synthesis model. It will be a key component of a conversational assistant capable of providing information in real time in response to spoken natural-language questions.
Applicants’ reply to scientific reviews: Mid-July 2021Submission of Progress Reports (Multi-year Projects) / Final Reports (Single-year Projects): 27/04/2021 @ 10:00 […]
At RISE we are applying AI in many of the research areas where we excel, […]
As part of an ongoing collaboration, ENCCS and Nvidia corporation co-organized an “AI for Science” […]
Erik Lindahl is a Professor of Biophysics at the Department of Biochemistry & Biophysics, located […]
ENCCS is looking for a Machine Learning expert to become a new member of our […]
HPC continues to be a demonstrated enabler of innovation across a wide range of sectors, […]
We recently achieved two important objectives in our collaboration with VeloxChem: We helped port the […]
The message passing interface (MPI) is the go-to technology for the development of distributed parallel […]
The second progress meeting was held on Friday 19th, 2021 where Qiang Li gave a […]
The recent GROMACS advanced workshop was enthusiastically attended by 30 participants from Sweden, Finland, and […]
On February 16-17 ENCCS offered a Practical Deep Learning workshop with two experienced instructors from […]
The KTH Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) has just signed a contract with Hewlett Packard […]
Airinnova will focus on a very high altitude and long endurance solar-electronic aircraft, using the designed models by Conceptual Design Corporate (CRC), simulate the given models, and optimize to find out the best design regarding lift-to-drag ratio
The pan-European flagship supercomputer LUMI will be opened for customer use in two phases: In the […]
ENCCS delivered the first edition of our CMake hands-on workshop on February 9 and 10, […]
The online LUMI Roadshow attracted 67 participants from different disciplines in academia as well as […]
The mission of ENCCS is to develop competence, knowledge and support in Sweden to enable […]
As part of the Digital Europe Programme, the European Commission proposed the creation of European […]
The first progress meeting was held today where Qiang Li gave a presentation about the […]
Recently a PRACE preparatory access application on the newly installed JUWELS Booster system at Jülich […]
The new year starts with a progress update on the ergonomics aspects of the work […]
Jing Gong has successfully applied for a preparatory access PRACE allocation on the Julich Booster system for ENCCS […]
Closing date: 31/01/2021 @ 17:00 Brussels Time The PRACE DECI programme provides cross-national access to […]
The European High-Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU) is pooling European resources to develop top-of-the-range […]
Roberto Di Remigio has successfully secured a preparatory access PRACE allocation on the newly installed JUWELS Booster system […]
One of main tasks for the ENCCS project is to enable Nek5000 to run on […]
The lead developer for the GROMACS Python API (gmxapi - see https://academic.oup.com/bioinformatics/article/34/22/3945/5038467), Dr Eric Irrgang […]
AI, HPDA and HPC technologies are rapidly developing. Their need in our future society is […]
On 27-28 of October the first joint conference between Castiel (https://www.castiel-project.eu/ ) and EuroCC (https://www.eurocc-project.eu/) […]
VeloxChem development moves along three main axes: Hardware. Target future and existing HPC infrastructure, making […]
On Nov 6, the first ENCCS developer progress meeting was held. We took an in-depth […]
ENCCS letter that promotes supercomputing access and training
ENCCS has sent its first newsletter to its subscribers with information regarding the organisation, upcoming […]
To pursue and extend the collaborative work started around HPC in the Digital Continuum, ETP4HPC […]