Quantum computing in the Nordics+Estonia

We are happy to announce a collaboration with the NordIQuEst project, a new project funded by the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC). Starting operations in April this year, the NordiQuEst project brings together a consortium of seven partners from five Nordic and Baltic countries to connect world-leading traditional HPC resources and quantum computers across national borders with the aim to establish a quantum computing platform customised to the needs of the region. 

In the coming years, quantum computing (QC) is expected to have a huge impact in important areas of computational modelling. One of the focus areas of NordIQuEst is to provide access to a mature QC infrastructure, but the availability of quantum hardware needs to be accompanied by training for researchers to use the resources efficiently. Competence in traditional software development is strong in the Nordic-Baltic region - the challenge will be to extend existing expertise towards quantum software development.

At ENCCS we aim to take part in increasing the competence in programming quantum computers in research communities which stand to benefit as future users. To this aim we are organising a first QC training workshop in collaboration with NordIQuEst on June 8-9. The workshop will cover key areas of QC, including

Key concepts: quantum states, qubits, quantum algorithms
QC programming in high-level languages for use cases in optimisation, finance and quantum chemistry followed by testing quantum programs to ensure their correctness
Overview of the main QC hardware approaches
Integration of QC with classical computing: hybrid classical/quantum algorithms and HPC-QC systems.

Workshop participants will learn about these topics not only by listening to online lectures, but also by participating in hands-on sessions focused on high-level QC programming languages running on QC simulators as well as real QC hardware.

Further information and registration can be found on the event webpage.