ENCCS Lessons

Our experts at ENCCS create custom lesson material for all our courses, which is regularly improved and kept up-to-date. Find relevant lesson material from our workshops below which is also fitting for self learning.

GPU programming.
Why. When. How.
Creative AI Webinar.
How generative AI works.
VASP best practices workshop
Targeting chemical accuracy with quantum Monte Carlo on LUMI
Developing Applications with the AMD ROCm Ecosystem
Upscaling A.I. Workflows
Upscaling A.I. with Containers
Efficient materials modelling using EuroHPC JU supercomputer VEGA
Introduction to Quantum Computing and hybrid HPC-QC systems
Data Analytics with Python
Julia for High Performance Scientific Computing
A.I. as a Tool for Change
Graph Neural Networks and Transformer Workshop
OpenFoam Workshop
OpenACC Workshop
Intermediate CUDA Workshop
Intermediate MPI Workshop
OpenMP for GPU Offloading Workshop
NEK5000 Workshop
VeloxChem: Quantum chemistry from laptop to HPC
CMake Workshop
Gromacs GPU Performance

External training resources

ENCCS has a wide network of partners that provide high quality training resources for self learning.