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EuroHPC JU Systems

EuroHPC JU is continuously growing by building powerful supercomputers all over Europe. Industry, public administration and academia have the opportunity to access those systems for free.

focus on your project

ENCCS is working on removing possible bottlenecks in user management, resource allocation, and lacking experience that prevents projects from utilizing EuroHPC resources, whether it is due to technical challenges, policies (e.g. national vs. European infrastructure) or legislation.

practical advice

ENCCS offers hands-on advice to users applying for access on EuroHPC JU systems and share experience from previous successful projects, e.g. about technical proposal requirements, and assists users requiring new technical access mechanisms to EuroHPC resources.

For more information on Access Policy please follow this link. The document provides a high-level framework of an Access Policy for the allocation of the Union's share of the supercomputers co-funded by the Joint Undertaking.

Extreme Access

For getting a large amount of compute time (12 to 24 month access)

  • 625 000 CPU Node Hours
  • 430 000 GPU Node Hours

AI/Data-Intensive Access

For getting a large amount of GPU compute time (12 month access) for AI related work

  • Up to 50 000 GPU Node Hours

Regular Access

For getting a large amount of compute time (12 month access)

  • 156 000 CPU Node hours
  • 15 600 GPU Node hours

EuroHPC JU Development Access

For developing your solution or software (6-12 month access)

  • 20 000 CPU Node Hours
  • 3 000 GPU Node Hours

EuroHPC JU Benchmark Access

For benchmarking and small tests (3-month access)

  • 7 000 CPU Node Hours
  • 1 000 GPU Node Hours

How do you go about applying?

In this video we explain how a company, public authority or researcher can apply for access to EuroHPC JU supercomputers.

Need more tailored help?

Successful Swedish Awarded Projects

There have been multiple successful applications from Swedish organisations from multiple scientific areas that can be seen in the pages below.

EuroHPC JU Calls

Old PRACE calls

Collaborator Testimonials

"Without the help of ENCCS we would be unaware of the possibilities of access to EuroHPC JU supercomputing resources for Northvolt AB. ENCCS helped us in all the steps of our application, it's support was fundamental to understand which kind of resources where the best option for our needs. Furthermore, from a more technical point of view, the support of ENCCS was fundamental to write and review the project proposal and to help us in justifying our needs in terms of computational resources and parallelization objectives."

Matteo Ambrosetti


"With the help of ENCCS we successfully applied for PRACE preparatory access (...) ENCCS has been a great help in clarifying the PRACE requirements, guiding our use of the PRACE application system, directing us to the right technical documentation and procedures, giving us input on our preparatory proposal, providing advice on the scaling tests needed for the full proposal, and helping our communication with the computer center where we obtained preparatory access (...) Ιt is good to have access to help from experts that streamlines the application process and prevents mistakes that could lead to a rejected proposal."

Rickard Armiento


"ENCCS was essential for my groups successful LUMI application. The targeted help we received allowed us to quickly understand the nature of the LUMI supercomputer and why this can be highly beneficial to our science goals. ENCCS walked us through the necessary steps and kept us up to date regarding essential deadlines. This kind of focused help is a new to us, and we are very happy with the whole experience."

Oscar Agertz

Lund University

"ENCCS exposed in a very efficient way the PRACE resources to the scientists active within the Department of Engineering Mechanics at KTH. Moreover, ENCCS guided us to build the application required to access the PRACE resources, application which was successful. I believe that ENCCS guidance and consulting is essential for the Swedish scientists, enabling us to explore the HPC possibilities beyond Sweden."

Mihai Mihaescu