FFPlus logo next to the title "Empowering SMEs with Supercomputing and AI"
As technology advances rapidly, European SMEs must adapt swiftly to remain competitive and thrive in a rapidly changing […]
AI Sweden and Fraunhofer logos with the title "Eurolingua-GPT: 45 European Languages, dialects and codes"
AI Sweden together with Fraunhofer IAIS have gained access to EuroHPC JU supercomputer Marenostrum5 through the Extreme Access […]
An image of Copenhagen merges with a supercomputer. A diagonal stripe through the title "Nordic Industry Days - Supercomputing the gateway to AI"
New users in the supercomputing world As the gateway to artificial intelligence (AI), supercomputing is revolutionising industries worldwide. […]
Jupyter logo with the title "Use Jupyter notebooks on a supercomputer"
In this tutorial, we go through a simple procedure for setting up and working with Jupyter notebooks on a supercomputer.
A screen showing the title of the conference. 4th Baltic HPC and Cloud Conference
On April 11-12, Johan Kristiansson and Thor Wikfeldt from ENCCS attended the 4th Baltic HPC and cloud conference […]