FFPlus logo next to the title "Empowering SMEs with Supercomputing and AI"

FFplus: Empowering SMEs with Supercomputing and AI

As technology advances rapidly, European SMEs must adapt swiftly to remain competitive and thrive in a rapidly changing market. To support this effort, the FFplus project has been launched to empower SMEs to use supercomputing and AI technologies.

Unlocking Innovation

The project is a response to the Digital Europe Programme's call for proposals aimed at supporting the competitiveness and innovation potential of European SMEs.

FFplus invites European SMEs to submit proposals for business experiments and innovation studies that demonstrate the benefits of HPC and generative AI. Successful applicants will receive startup funding and support from FFplus to conduct these experiments. The focus is on showcasing business benefits for SMEs while implementing HPC or generative AI in their business processes.

Supercomputing and AI

By harnessing the potential of supercomputing and AI, organizations can unlock new insights, streamline processes, and drive innovation. By harnessing the power of these technologies, FFplus aims to support SMEs in developing new products and services that drive growth and innovation.

Join the FFplus Community

Stay updated on HPC-related topics by following FFplus on LinkedIn and Twitter. Learn more about the project's progress and upcoming open calls by visiting the EuroHPC JU website. Unlock the potential of European SMEs and drive innovation forward!

ENCCS has also supported SMEs to apply for such calls. Learn more on our success stories page.