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ENCCS co-organises “Nordic Industry Days – Supercomputing, the gateway to AI“

New users in the supercomputing world

As the gateway to artificial intelligence (AI), supercomputing is revolutionising industries worldwide. At ENCCS, we're witnessing an increasing number of private companies and public sector authorities leveraging HPC systems for their research, development, and innovation projects.

Supercomputing's unparalleled time- and cost-efficiency has drawn new users in both sectors, recognising the potential to think bigger beyond cloud computing limitations. This shift is driven by the growing demand for AI-driven solutions, with supercomputing serving as a crucial enabling technology.

Nordic Industry Days - Supercomputing, the Gateway to AI

ENCCS is proud to co-organise a conference on September 2-3 in Copenhagen's Tivoli Gardens, bringing together professionals, high-tech startups, and SMEs interested in unlocking the potential of supercomputing for their businesses.

The two-day event will feature inspirational talks, panel discussions, and networking opportunities, exploring how AI, HPC, and Quantum Computing can drive innovation and growth. Attendees will gain insights from industry experts on the applications and benefits of supercomputing, as well as its role in accelerating AI adoption.

What You'll Gain

By attending the conference, you'll:

  • Connect with like-minded individuals and thought leaders
  • Gain insights into how supercomputing serves as a gateway to AI
  • Learn from industry experts on the applications and benefits of HPC and AI
  • Network with professionals from various industries
  • Stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge knowledge sharing opportunities

Join us for two days of thought-provoking discussions, networking, and knowledge sharing. Don't miss this chance to explore the intersection of supercomputing and AI.

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