An image of Copenhagen merges with a supercomputer. A diagonal stripe through the title "Nordic Industry Days - Supercomputing the gateway to AI"
New users in the supercomputing world As the gateway to artificial intelligence (AI), supercomputing is revolutionising industries worldwide. […]
📍 Dansk Industri, H.C. Andersens Boulevard 18, 1553 Copenhagen Join us at the Nordic Industry Days 2024 in […]
Last week (Nov 21-22) ENCCS organised the Industry Days 2023 conference. The focus was supercomputing - including exciting […]
Welcome to ENCCS Industry Days 2023! This event provides a comprehensive introduction to supercomputing. Industry Days is for both managers and software developers who are interested in finding out how supercomputers are used in different industrial sectors.
Sweden is going to be the host of the new European supercomputer!