Sweden’s New European Supercomputer: Arrhenius!

Sweden is going to be the host of a new European supercomputer!

EuroHPC JU, the European entity for high-performance computing, has commissioned Sweden to build the next European supercomputer. Arrhenius will be a "mid-range" system, able to perform at least 10^{16} floating point operations per second, and will be built and maintained by Linköping university in collaboration with RISE. These are the two entities that host ENCCS and we will be heavily involved in ensuring that Swedish industry, public sector and academia benefit maximally from this major investment. As with other EuroHPC JU systems, Arrhenius will also be available for a wide spectrum of European users from all sectors.

Arrhenius will be accessible and valuable to many disciplines and application areas, including AI and machine learning, physics and chemistry simulations, and many other computationally intensive applications in research and development projects. The new system will uphold high standards in terms of security and data integrity which is needed for computations and AI training with sensitive or confidential data, as well as in product development by private companies."

ENCCS is going to be deeply involved by making sure that users from industry, public administration and academia can efficiently harness the full computing power of Arrhenius. Having supported more that 50 groups within 2 years in multiple industry sectors with their HPC workloads gives the ENCCS team the experience it needs to support users of the new system. We will now further accelerate our work and focus in particular on new users in small and medium enterprises in Sweden with training and knowledge transfer .

By placing the new European supercomputer Arrhenius in Sweden EuroHPC JU ensures that it is going to be both cost effective and climate friendly due to Sweden having among the lowest carbon emissions per kilowatt-hour.

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