AI and Global Development Lab at LiU Gains Access to Karolina

Researchers led by Adel Daoud from AI and Global Development Lab were awarded Benchmark Access to EuroHPC JU supercomputer Karolina hosted by IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center in Czech Republic.

The vision of the AI and Global Development Lab is to combine AI and earth observation to analyse the causes and consequences of human development historically, geographically, and globally thereby enhancing research on sustainability.

Having access to high-performance EuroHPC JU resources will help the lab develop new methods to solve challenges in development research and work on substantive issues in human development (e.g., poverty, sustainability, aid interventions). One of the goals of the lab is to recreate historical and geographical human-development trajectories from satellite images using deep-learning models.

These new data will measure poverty at unprecedented temporal and spatial granularity, and further enable the community to start examining with high precision the causal effects of foreign aid on poor communities' chances of breaking poverty.