AI Sweden and Fraunhofer logos with the title "Eurolingua-GPT: 45 European Languages, dialects and codes"
AI Sweden together with Fraunhofer IAIS have gained access to EuroHPC JU supercomputer Marenostrum5 through the Extreme Access […]
Umeå University in the North of Sweden has gained Development Access to the EuroHPC JU supercomputer MeluXina to […]
RISE LLMs for climate mitigation
The Natural Language Processing (NLP) Group at RISE was awarded 3500 GPU node hours at the EuroHPC JU […]
SMHI is awarded 10.000 GPU node hours on LUMI using the EuroHPC JU Development Call! The Swedish Meteorological […]
Stockholms luft- och bulleranalys (SLB-analys) is a unit at the Environment and Health Administration of the City of […]