Practical Deep Learning Workshop

On February 16-17 ENCCS offered a Practical Deep Learning workshop with two experienced instructors from CSC in Finland - Markus Koskela and Mats Sjöberg. Interleaving lectures with hands-on exercises, Markus and Mats gave a practical introduction to deep learning (DL), convolutional and recurrent neural networks, GPU computing, and tools to train and apply deep neural networks for natural language processing, images, and other applications.

The focus was on the concepts of DL and how to apply them in practice - with sufficient breadth and depth of topics to help researchers quickly get started with DL in their own research. On day 2 of the workshop, when exercises needed to be run on GPUs, participants from Sweden used the Alvis cluster at the C3SE center in Gothenburg while others obtained guest accounts on the CSC Puhti system. In total, around 35 people attended the workshop and the post-workshop feedback was highly positive - all survey respondents would recommend the event to their colleagues! 

All exercise material is freely available online at - if you have an account on Alvis and would like to teach yourself DL by working on the exercises you can check out the “alvis” branch of the repository! 

For details on the event and schedule visit


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