This workshop will cover all foundational aspects of OpenFOAM, including an introduction to OpenFOAM enviroment as well as running on HPC resources.  It will be useful for new users to broaden their basic knowledge of OpenFOAM.
During the last couple of years, there have been a lot of inflated expectations about Artificial Intelligence (AI). […]
The 3rd online EuroHPC JU/LUMI Roadshow attracted 60 participants. Representatives from EuroHPC JU and PRACE offices, as well […]
OpenMP is a portable and scalable parallel programming model that gives programmers a flexible interface for directive-based programming of shared-memory parallel machines. Used in conjunction with MPI, OpenMP can enable scientific software to be scaled up to large supercomputers. Since version 4.0, OpenMP supports offloading to accelerator devices such as GPUs and thus provides developers with a single framework that can be used across existing and future GPU devices from multiple vendors.
ENCCS is collaborating with the eminent CodeRefinery project, the partly NeIC-funded, partly community-driven project which has been teaching […]