A.I. for Change Event

During the last couple of years, there have been a lot of inflated expectations about Artificial Intelligence (AI). This has largely been driven by the impressive technical achievements in the field during the last decade, which have been extrapolated to fantastic ideas of what could be achieved. The expectation has primarily been about how we could use AI and Machine Learning (ML) to easily automate things which were previously very costly and how these techniques will revolutionize everything. 

RISE, one of ENCCS partners and organiser of this event, has long worked with automation to solve practical problems, in part using traditional rule based systems and in the last two decades increasingly with the use of machine learning. We’ve seen how the public idea of what AI is creates problems with expectations. Training in the field is typically technical and focused on explaining the details of machine learning. The target audience is often engineers or other technical professionals and almost exclusively in english. The more common knowledge about the field is often communicated through mass media, not often based on overly optimistic press releases or pure science fiction. 

Through ENCCS we have during a couple of seminars given a more nuanced picture of what machine learning can actually do, without delving too deeply into the technical details. The seminar in 3 parts is held fully in Swedish and starts with giving a general overview of AI and ML, followed by an open dialogue with the participants where we answer questions and discuss the topics we presented in more depth. The third and closing part is focused on data driven IT-projects and their risks as well as the role AI could have in a handful of case studies. 

This will be a recurring seminar, where the next one is planned to be held in english in the beginning of 2022. It will be held in Swedish once again in spring 2022. 

If you missed A.I. for Change, you can watch it below and also download the slides.


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