The PRACE-ICEI Call for Proposals #6 is now out, offering resources from the Fenix Research Infrastructure. These calls are for researchers from academia and research institutes in need of scalable computing resources, interactive computing services, Virtual Machine services, and data storage to carry on their research.

The submission deadline for this round is 9 July 2021.

Who can apply?

The PRACE ICEI program is open to all researchers and research organisations needing resource allocations regardless of funding sources. You are eligible to apply for the call for proposals only if you need:

  • Scalable computing services
  • Interactive computing services
  • Virtual Machine services
  • Archival data repository
  • Active data repository

The minimum request depends on the system of interest as reported in the table of available resources here. With respect to the maximum request, applicants are encouraged not to exceed 20% of the available resources.

Applicants may apply for the present resources in addition to resources offered on Tier-0 systems (PRACE Project Access) or on Tier-1 systems that mainly target large scalable computing services. Applicants are hence strongly encouraged to apply for multiple services offered by the present call (scalable, interactive computing, and data) and make their case for the need of these complementary services.


Full details of the call, as well as detailed requirements and available resources, can be found here


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