Collaborations with the Swedish Industry and Public Sector

AI, HPDA and HPC technologies are rapidly developing. Their need in our future society is enormous. Almost all enterprises and public-sector representatives realize that and would like to deploy these technologies widely. However, not all of them are capable of doing so. In Sweden, one can identify the types of actors:

  1. Enterprises and public sector representatives that have the financial means to invest in technically skilled staff and technological solutions and have done it.
  2. Enterprises and public sector representatives that have the financial means but failed to develop a strategic plan towards deploying these solutions and technologies due to the lack of skilled technical staff.
  3. Enterprises and public sector representatives that have foreseen the importance of AI/HPDA/HPC deployment to keep the competitiveness on international market but didn’t find the financial means of implementing it.

Despite this division, for all three categories of enterprises and public sector representatives, the possibility of further development of skills and knowledge-transfer within HPC/AI/HPDA technologies from academia to industry/public sector is highly appreciated. The difference is in the type and depth of information.

ENCCS is acting on these conclusions. Together with RISE ( ), we plan to develop an ambitious training curriculum as well as rigorous action plan to engage closely with Swedish SMEs, large industries and public sector representatives in exploring the possibilities of new AI/HPDA/HPC infrastructures. The activities are based on the past successful examples that both ENCCS and RISE staff have experiences with industries/public sector representatives.


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