EuroCC and Castiel successful joint conference

On 27-28 of October the first joint conference between Castiel ( ) and EuroCC ( projects under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 (H2020) took place. During the conference the details about the collaboration of the two projects as well as 33 national EuroCC competence centers were discussed. 

At the conference, it was yet again strongly emphasized the importance of collaboration between the EuroCC partner countries within the development of AI, HPDA and HPC technologies in the EU. To boost the competitiveness of European industry and public sector the knowledge-transfer between academia and industry/public sector should be one of the primary goals of EuroCC national competence centers. This should be done through training and experience exchange.

On the second day of the conference three major EU projects: PRACE research infrastructure ( ), FocusCoE project ( ) and FF4EuroHPC  project( were presented where their activities targeting industry and public sector were discussed. It worth mentioning the highlights of these talks: PRACE SHAPE program ( ), FF4euroHPC 1st call for SME applications ( ) and The survey conducted by FocusCoE project towards exploring industry needs within HPC. The last but definitely not the least, EuroHPC JU representative discussed with the conference participants the future plans and strategic decisions of EuroHPC JU  towards developing a World Class Supercomputing Ecosystem in Europe ( ).


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