Icarus Simulations AB Accesses EuroHPC JU system Vega

With the support of ENCCS the Swedish SME Icarus Digital Math (http://icarusmath.com, Icarus Simulation AB), a spin-off from KTH, received access to the EuroHPC JU system Vega at Izum, Slovenia. In the project, Icarus aims to focus on development for industrial and commercial applications in the aviation, marine and, automotive industry.

For example, Icarus is involved in the ELISE project for electric aviation, described as a success in Swedish mainstream media (https://www.di.se/hallbart-naringsliv/sverige-ska-bli-ledande-inom-elflyg-eneroth-tillsatter-utredning/), where their breakthrough simulation technology is used for design of electric aircraft, They are also collaborating with the Formula 1 industry related to this project.