CMake Workshop

ENCCS delivered the first edition of our CMake hands-on workshop on February 9 and 10, 2021. The materials for the workshop are free, open source, and always available online at

The whole centre helped run this remote workshop: Roberto Di Remigio was the main tutor, while Mark Abraham, Jing Gong, Qiang Li, Artem Zhmurov, and Thor Wikfeldt acted as helpers. Radovan Bast, from CodeRefinery, also participated as a helper.

We had 30 attendees and we are very happy to say that the workshop was well received. All 26 respondents to the final survey would recommend colleagues to attend and found the material to be well-prepared. The excellent efforts of all tutors ensured that there were no technical hiccups. Thanks to the MyBinder service, attendees could work through the exercises in the cloud, without technical difficulties in setting up their environments.

Since this was the first time we offered this workshop, there were some issues with time management and we could not go through some of the more advanced topics that were scheduled.

ENCCS is already working on the next edition of this workshop, where we will streamline the curriculum based on the feedback we have received.


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