Airinnova Successful Prace Type-A Application

Our industrial partner Airinnova AB ( has recently been awarded 50,000 core hours for a Prace Preparatory Type A project on the Hawk system ( at HLRS, Germany. 

Airinnova is focusing on providing advanced computational technology for cutting edge aircraft preliminary design, computational aerodynamics, and multi-disciplinary optimization. It is currently actively involved in European research projects, engineering training and software development for aerospace applications.

Within the proposed project Airinnova will focus on a very high altitude and long endurance solar-electronic aircraft, using the designed models by Conceptual Design Corporate (CRC), simulate the given models, and optimize to find out the best design regarding lift-to-drag ratio. The tasks mainly consist of:

  • Automation process development: Test the automation process by starting from a conceptual aircraft design model from a Commercial Software RDS into a working mesh.
  • Benchmark: performance analysis for the desired model using the proper transition model, compare the predictions with the experiments.
  • Port: deploy and run on a PRACE Tier1 system and prepare for Tier-0 system.

ENCCS continues to work on the needs of its industrial partners by advising on code scalability and support to access HPC resources. Learn more here.


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