Preparing Large Scale Analysis of Patent Data

Patent data can be used as a valuable source of chemical exposure risk [1] and together with large scale Natural Language Processing (NLP) can be used to accurately identify patents which details the use of chemicals [2].

ENCCS is supporting the Swedish chemicals agency (Kemikalieinspektionen) and the patents and registration office (Patent och Registreringsverket) in their efforts to perform large scale analysis of patent data.

During the later part of 2022, the chemicals agency has been driving an effort to build large scale internal databases, where ENCCS has advised on how to best do this to make it useful to build Natural Language Processing with the help of large scale computational resources.

  1. Dillström, Filip. "Patent som källa för att analysera användning och förekomst av per-och polyfluorerade alkylsubstanser (PFAS)." (2017).