EC-Earth runs on HPE CRAY

EC-Earth V3 Now Runs on HPE CRAY Supercomputers

Finally EC-Earth V3 is able to be compiled and run on Dardel HPC system. Dardel is the Swedish NAISS flagship system installed at PDC between 2021 and 2023. Since it is an HPE Cray EX supercomputer which has a similar architecture to LUMI, this will make the porting of EC-Earth to LUMI easier at a later stage.  

The code is compiled using the recent GNU software chain and various setups. That includes components like: atmosphere, ocean, lpjg, OASIS coupler, XIOS and river runoff were tested. For an AMIP setup, a performance of 17.67 SYPD can be achieved using 4 nodes(128 cores per node); while for a GCM setup, a performance of 16.39 SYPD can be achieved using a total of 8 nodes(IFS:4, NEMO:2, XIOS:1, runoff:1).  
In addition, more time is needed for further performance tuning, which may require using more advanced debugging tools. 
All the changes about the porting to HPE Cray systems are commited to the EC-Earth repository at 

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