First Climate Modelling Progress Update

Image: Vortex simulation showing the Crow instability.

The first progress meeting was held today where Qiang Li gave a presentation about the scheduled work. Qiang will work on three climate modelling softwares namely ICON, ESSENSE and EC-Earth.

For ICON, Qiang is performing scaling tests using the latest model version with GPU acceleration targeting applications studying deep convective cloud precipitation extremes and climate feedbacks. The envisaged simulation will be carried out at a grid with a resolution around 5 km. 

For ESSENSE, the plan will be: 

  1. To merge the single GPU version with the latest code developments.
  2. To extend the present single GPU version using OpenACC directives to be able to use multiple GPUs
  3. To enable GPU-acceleration of ESSENSE using OpenMP directives
  4. Scaling tests on a heterogeneous architecture to get the performance characteristics and further optimise the code

For EC-Earth, ENCCS is working with SMHI to work on a high performance data analytics (HPDA) project. As a first step, an HPDA  training workshop using Ophidia will be organised by ENCCS together with CMCC in the middle of 2021. Apart from researchers and students from universities, SMHI and RISE also expressed interests in joining the workshop.


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