Survey of HPC/AI/HPDA Training Needs in Sweden

The mission of ENCCS is to develop competence, knowledge and support in Sweden to enable researchers to take advantage of forthcoming (pre)exascale EuroHPC resources. A key part of this mission will be to deliver training events for researchers aiming to scale up their HPC workloads, adapt their research software to new hardware or adopt artificial intelligence (AI) or high-performance data analytics (HPDA) methodologies in their research.

To guide the development of a novel ENCCS training portfolio, a survey of training needs within HPC, AI and HPDA was designed in the first months of the project and broadly disseminated to researchers and engineers in both academia and industry in Sweden. In this report we present results from the first survey conducted in 2020 and suggest how these could be used in the development of the ENCCS training portfolio. We also hope that the survey and its results can be useful to other HPC/AI/HPDA training providers both in Sweden and other EuroCC member countries. Similar training surveys will be conducted by ENCCS annually to monitor how training needs evolve, to probe how successful past training events have been and to identify areas that can be improved.

The detailed results of the survey can be found below.


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