Climate Modelling Progress Update

The second progress meeting was held on Friday 19th, 2021 where Qiang Li gave a presentation about the scheduled work. Qiang is working on three climate modeling software namely ICON, ESSENSE, and EC-Earth.

Using the latest model version with GPU acceleration of ICON, a test case with two different resolutions (R2B4 and R2B7) were setup and several test runs were launched on JUWELS Booster successfully.  The next step is to test ICON at an even higher resolution, i.e. R2B9 about 5km. The total grid size will be about 20 million for this resolution and in the vertical direction, 191 independent vertical columns will be used. With this resolution, the climate model will start being able to represent the convective storms on the numerical grid and may even remove the physical parameterization of convection.

Comparison of satellite data (left) with high-resolution ICON model (right).
Copyright: Stevens et al., Prog Earth Planet Sci (2019), DOI: (CC BY 4.0

The test case is following the experimental design in the DYAMOND (DYnamics of the Atmospheric general circulation Modeled On Non-hydrostatic Domains) Winter project which is the second phase of the DYAMOND initiative (

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