ENCCS at the EuroHPC Summit 2024

ENCCS attended the EuroHPC Summit Week in Antwerp, Belgium 18-21 March 2024. During that week ENCCS members attended multiple sessions and met with stakeholders to discuss important topics regarding supercomputer access for companies, supercomputing skills training in an increasingly competitive HPC environment, and showcasing our successful work with researchers from academia, public administration, and the private sector.

Where industrial AI and supercomputing meet

A panel discussion with 8 people.
Left to right: Jeanette Nilsson (ENCCS/RISE), Evangelia Markidou (EC), Thomas Hahn (Siemens), Roberta Turra (CINECA), Petri Millymäki (University of Helsinki), Laszlo Friedmann (Fraunhofer IAIS), Daniel Opalka (EuroHPC JU), Ana García Robles (BDVA).  

Jeanette Nilsson participated in a panel discussion on industrial AI and supercomputing needs presenting the work that ENCCS has performed during the past 3 years. ENCCS has been in continuous contact with private companies assisting them every step of the way so that they can apply for supercomputing access and then efficiently use those powerful machines in their workflows.

Grow and scale up with HPC using ColonyOS

ENCCS/RISE senior researcher Johan Kristiansson presented ColonyOS, a unique platform that bridges the gap between various computing environments and enables seamless integration with supercomputers. ColonyOS is a revolutionary platform that ENCCS believes is going to transform supercomputing workflows, especially for new users in AI and data science, giving them the ability to control local, cloud, and supercomputing workflows, all by using one platform with a flexible graphical interface.

Future skills needed in supercomputing

During a very interesting and lively discussion, Thor Wikfeldt together with a diverse panel of experts talked about the needs of the future in supercomputing training, how we keep experts in Europe, and ideas in making supercomputing attractive for young people and people in the private sector. Thor Wikfeldt also talked about the importance of lifelong learning in combination with master programs like the EUMaster4HPC.

Finally, ENCCS members networked with multiple people from the sister organisations within the EuroCC network, Centres of Excellence, and other European initiatives. These contacts help us provide better services and build collaborations.