Johan Kristiansson, PhD

AI researcher

Johan Kristiansson is the scientific lead for the data science and data engineering group at the RISE ICE Datacenter. He currently working on implementing a large-scale remote sensing platform for space data analytics among many other things. He has a strong interested in machine learning, advanced statistics and high-performance computing. He has more than 20 years of experience designing and implementing large-scale distributed systems, data communication and machine learning algorithms in both academia and in the industry. As a principal researcher at Ericsson Research, he designed and implemented various cloud computing and data communication algorithms. At Mobilaris, he designed and implemented a navigation and traffic management solution for underground mines based on machine learning, now commercially used in the Mobilaris Onboard product. Johan has a M.Sc. in Computing Science and Engineering from Umeå University and holds a PhD in Media Technology from Luleå University of Technology.