Successful Swedish applications – PRACE Tier-0 call

The PRACE 21st project call to Tier-0 systems was open on 3rd of March with a closing date 5th of May 2020. In total 63 eligible proposals were received, of which 51 were awarded, a total of 2.45 billion core hours on 7 Tier-0 PRACE systems. The proposals awarded under the 21st Call are led by principal investigators from 16 different countries. These proposals represent six scientific domains: 9 proposals are linked to the fields of Biochemistry, Bioinformatics and Life Sciences; 7 to Chemical Sciences and Materials; 2 to Earth System Sciences; 17 to Engineering; 11 to Fundamental Constituents of Matter; and 5 to Universe Sciences.

The 21st Call for Proposals is the first call to include three systems that offer GPUs. In addition to Piz Daint at ETH Zurich/CSCS (Switzerland) and Marconi100 at CINECA (Italy), JUWELS Booster at GCS/JSC (Germany) also offers GPUs for this call. Overall, the resources allocated under the 21st Call in GPU-based systems exceed 1 billion core hours, surpassing the corresponding allocation in GPU-based systems under previous calls.

Selected proposals receive allocations to PRACE resources from 1 October 2020 to 30 September 2021. More information at

Out of these 51 awarded projects four are from Sweden. These are:

NameOrganisationAreaTotal hoursSystem
Prof Lucie DelemotteKTHBiochemistry,
and Life sciences
70 000 000Piz Daint

Prof. Philipp Schlatter
KTHEngineering78 300 000MareNostrum
Prof. Ville KailaSUChemical
Sciences and Materials
33 700 000
Dr. Oscar AgertzLund UniversityUniverse Sciences45 000 000Joliot-Curie


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