Bringing Users Closer to the Large EuroHPC JU Infrastructure 

This week (20-23 March 2023) ENCCS participated in the EuroHPC Summit held in Gothenburg, Sweden. The summit was a platform for discussing the latest trends in supercomputing (HPC) and its impact on industry and society. 

Showcase room at the EuroHPC Summit 2023 in Gothenburg. Participants got to interact with new technologies and get virtual tours in supercomputing centres.

The EuroHPC Summit brought together HPC experts, researchers, policymakers, and industry representatives from across Europe to share their experiences and knowledge about the latest developments in the field. ENCCS presented its work at the summit and discussed its training efforts and outreach to companies. 

We focused on three key topics which are summarized below:

Training opportunities

ENCCS is committed to providing training and support to its users to help them make the most of HPC technologies. During the summit, we presented our training program designed to cater to different user levels, including basic and advanced users. ENCCS offers a variety of training courses, workshops, and webinars on topics such as parallel programming, GPU programming, and optimization techniques. ENCCS also offers customized training programs tailored to the specific needs of different organizations.

Reaching out to new users

ENCCS also presented its strategy for reaching out to new users from both the public and private sectors. ENCCS is working on building a strong community of users by providing them with the necessary tools, resources, and support to make the most of HPC technologies. ENCCS is also working with industry partners to help them leverage HPC for their research and development needs.

ENCCS director Thor Wikfeldt presenting our work in training and supporting users in industry, public administration and academia to access and use the EuroHPC JU supercomputing infrastructure in Europe.

Collaboration between European HPC Centres of Excellence and other National Competence Centres

Finally, ENCCS presented its ongoing collaborations with other Centres of Excellence (CoE) and National Competence Centers (NCC) across Europe. ENCCS is a member of the EuroCC project, which aims to establish a network of HPC competence centres across Europe. Collaboration with other NCCs is essential in order to strengthen our services portfolio. ENCCS is also working closely with other centers of excellence in areas such as weather forecasting, materials science, and computational biology to exchange knowledge and best practices.

ENCCS’s participation in the EuroHPC Summit in Gothenburg was a great opportunity to showcase its work and engage with other stakeholders in the HPC community. ENCCS highlighted its commitment to providing training and support to its users, its strategy for reaching out to new users, and its collaborations with other centres of excellence and competence centres across Europe. 

We remain dedicated to promoting HPC and supporting innovation and growth in various industries and sectors.

Recordings of the plenary sessions are available at