Open position at LUMI – Lead technical specialist

(Deadline by May 5th, 2021)

CSC is looking for a technical specialist to lead the LUMI’s system admin team in Espoo, Finland. The team’s goal is to reach the high availability and integrity of the LUMI infrastructure. You will work in close collaboration with the LUMI User Support Team as well as CSC’s HPC Support and Computing Environments teams, in operating and developing a next-generation supercomputer infrastructure for scientific research and innovation.

The technical team leader’s responsibilities include:

  • Helping your team to reach the expected high quality and level of service with your insight on developing computing platforms, internal tools, and services
  • Implementing and maintaining team internal processes to ensure high availability, integrity, and information security. Securing the ISO 27001 and other relevant audit compliances through the team’s processes and daily work
  • Active communication and collaboration with other CSC technical groups
  • Participating in international collaboration projects, working groups, seminars, and user groups, leveraging CSC’s visibility as the vanguard of European research infrastructure

Learn more about the position on CSC's website at


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