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High Performance Data Analytics in Python


This online workshop is meant to give an overview of working with research data in Python using general libraries for storing, processing, analysing and sharing data. The focus is on improving performance. After covering tools for performant processing (netcdf, numpy, pandas, scipy) on single workstations the focus shifts to parallel, distributed and GPU computing (snakemake, numba, dask, multiprocessing, mpi4py).

Introduction to Quantum Computing & Hybrid HPC-QC Systems


ENCCS is now joining forces with NordiQuEst to deliver a two-day training workshop covering the fundamentals of quantum computing (QC), including introduction to key concepts: quantum states, qubits, quantum algorithms, QC programming in high-level languages for use cases in optimisation, finance and quantum chemistry followed by testing quantum programs to esure their correctness, overview of the main QC hardware approaches
Integration of QC with classical computing: hybrid classical/quantum algorithms and HPC-QC systems.

Intermediate Topics in MPI


This workshop targets programmers in both academia and industry who already have experience with basic MPI and are ready to take the next step to more advanced usage. Topics which will be covered include communicators, groups, derived data types, one-sided communication, non-blocking collectives and hybrid MPI+threading approaches. Lectures will be interleaved with hands-on exercises. All […]