Johan Kristiansson, PhD

Research Software Engineer

Domain Expert in Distributed Systems, Machine Learning and Data Science

Dr. Johan Kristiansson is a Senior Researcher at RISE and ENCCS, specializing in cloud and high-performance computing (HPC). With over 20 years of experience in distributed systems and software engineering combined with expertise in machine learning and data science, Johan is uniquely positioned to drive Swedish industries towards fully leveraging HPC.

Johan's core research interest centers on distributed systems and machine learning, with an emphasis on orchestrating large-scale workflows across diverse platforms. Currently, he is developing an open-source "Meta-Operating System" intended to seamlessly support computational workloads across a range of heterogeneous platforms, including HPC, cloud, and edge.

Previously, as the former CTO of RockSigma AB, Johan led the development of a large-scale compute engine running on Kubernetes for predicting seismic activities in underground mines. At Mobilaris AB, Johan developed a machine-learning-based navigator and traffic management solution for underground mines. As a Principal Researcher at Ericsson AB, he was at the forefront of many R&D initiatives and an early adopter of several groundbreaking technologies, including microservices, software containers, real-time web, and blockchains.

Johan has an M.Sc. in Computing Science and Engineering from Umeå University and holds a PhD in Media Technology from Luleå University of Technology.