Training at ENCCS

ENCCS offers high-quality face-to-face and online training courses and offer courses together with PRACE, the LUMI consortium, and national infrastructures. We focus on high-end usage, both in academia and industry, targeting new users in AI/HPDA. Topics include MPI & OpenMP, Software and performance engineering, GPU programming in scientific disciplines such as Life sciences, Chemistry, Climate modelling, Engineering and more.


Our workshops cover a wide variety of HPC topics, including MPI, OpenMP, GPU programming, performance engineering and best practices in software development. The workshops are taught by our own experts, as well as distinguished instructors from other organisations. Most of our workshops are at an intermediate-advanced level and are aimed at researchers who need to scale their simulation codes up to use larger HPC resources.


Our hackathons is where you can get things done! To participate in a hackathon you should have a well defined problem that you wish to solve. If your project gets accepted, you will be paired up with a mentor with the relevant expertise who will work with you to solve the problem – this can include, for example, porting a core part of your research code to run on GPUs or refactoring your code to enable more efficient parallelization.

External events

ENCCS teams up with multiple partners to give a wide range of training on HPC topics. On our events calendar you will find recommended training events provided by SNIC, PRACE, CodeRefinery and other organisations. Recommended training material from our partners, you can find under training resources.