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EuroHPC User Day

11 Dec 2023 09:00 - 18:00 CET

Have you had access to a EuroHPC JU supercomputer? If yes, then register at the EuroHPC User day in Brussels, Belgium!

The EuroHPC User Day brings together EuroHPC JU users in order to deepen their understanding on the possibilities offered by the EuroHPC JU. 

Users will be invited to present their projects and experience. EuroHPC JU will create a book of proceedings with those projects that will submit their manuscripts. 

The dissemination event will be held in person in the Charlemagne building, in Brussels.

EuroHPC User Day Schedule

The event will start with a plenary session. The EuroHPC JU will introduce the EuroHPC supercomputers, the user support and the EuroHPC User Forum.  

During the second half of the morning, the plenary will continue providing insights on specific domain, including EuroHPC Quantum Technologies, the NCCs and CoEs and the access policy. The Destination Earth project will also present their recent achievements on EuroHPC JU systems. 

In the afternoon, there will be several parallel sessions. The first three sessions will be on Computer Science, Computational Physics and Universe Science. These will be followed by three sessions on AI,  Engineering and Computational, Chemistry and System Biology. 

Finally The event conclude with a plenary session. Summarising what was discussed during the day, and providing an overview on future event and activities of the EuroHPC JU.

Success stories in Sweden

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