The Swedish EuroCC Hub for High-Performance Computing

We help you access and use CPUs/GPUs on European Supercomputers for Free

We are a national centre that supports industry, public administration and academia accessing and using European supercomputers


Supercomputer Access Support

Industry and Public Administration

Software support

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ENCCS has assisted multiple companies and public organisations/authorities in Sweden get access to EuroHPC JU supercomputers and scale their software to use multiple CPUs and GPUs.
Here are some of them. Want more details?

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Interested in learning GPU programming, HPC optimisations, or usage of HPC in specific disciplines, like Life Science, Climate modelling, or Engineering?

Join our training events and learn about HPC topics, including MPI, OpenMP, GPU programming, performance engineering and best practices in software development.

The workshops are taught by our own experts, as well as distinguished instructors from other partner organisations.

Did you know we support businesses and public administration free of charge?

Innovate services and products by having access to high-end European supercomputers.

Analyze large amounts of data by using the latest, efficient, and secure high-performance machines in Europe.

ENCCS gives also hands-on support to your software in order to use multiple GPU and CPU HPC systems.

Want to get 100x more CPU/GPU power?

Get up to two years access to European high-performance computers to develop, test, or run your code for free!

Do you need compute capacity for data analysis or machine learning?
Perhaps you use compute-intensive simulations in engineering, life science or any other domain? Check your needs below!

Unsure? We can help you!

EuroHPC JU Extreme Access

For getting a large amount of compute time (12 to 24 month access)

  • CPU Hours: ≈ 80 million
  • GPU hours: ≈ 55 million

EuroHPC JU Regular Access

For getting a large amount of compute time (12 month access)

  • CPU Hours: ≈ 20 million
  • GPU hours: ≈ 2 million

EuroHPC JU Development Access

For developing your solution or software (6-12 month access)

  • CPU Hours: 2 560 000
  • GPU hours: 384 000

EuroHPC JU Benchmark Access

For benchmarking and small tests (3-month access)

  • CPU Hours: 896 000
  • GPU hours: 128 000

How do you go about applying?

In this video we explain how a company, public authority or researcher can apply for access to EuroHPC JU supercomputers.

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